Solar panels are not roof material, SolarShingles are part of building materials on roofs.

You need to penetrate your roof to fix an extra racking system for normal solar panels to be topped up onto shingles of the roof. While, to install SolarShingle, you do not need to penetrate your roof or racking, just a re-roofing job since it is a kind of shingle.



Normal Solar Panel


Roof shingle, and Solar Power Generator Solar Power Generator

Solar PV Parts Made from

Crystalline silicon solar cells Crystalline silicon solar cells

Shingle Parts Made from

Metal (steel)


As same as installing asphalt shingles on roof.No special requirement for the load of roof. Metal rails fixedwith roof rafters, and install solar panels on the rails.Building Permit is required.

Life Time of Product

> 40 years > 40 years

Life Time of Solar Power System on Roof

As long as the life time of product Limited by the re-roofing period of shingles underneath

Outward Appearance

Integrated as a part of your roof A suspended plate on the roof